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Choose from the Best Wireless Door Bells that Suits your Needs and Budget

Wireless Door BellsWireless Door Bells that Suits your Needs – Technology is everywhere and is in everything. A door bell is a device placed near the entrance of a door to a house or a building which signals that you have a visitor. While the earliest door bells were mechanical in nature and are made to work by simply pulling a certain cord, it has continued to improve by being powered by electricity, using an electrical switch.

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Nowadays, with the continuing evolution, door bells are now available with wireless systems. Wireless door bells consist of a built-in radio transmitter that uses batteries for power. As the button from the outside unit is pushed or pressed, a radio signal is sent by the transmitter to the inside or receiver unit which is plugged to an electrical outlet anywhere inside the house or the building. As the receiver gets the signal, a sound chip is activated to play a certain sound or chime via a loud speaker.

Advantage of Using a Wireless Door Bells

Many big houses or buildings or estates have various entrances. Having wired system to connect door bells from these entrances to the receiver unit would be very costly due to the length of the wires that you will need to use to connect the receiver unit to several doorbell buttons from the entrances. With these structures, it is much better to opt having a wireless door bell system. The system can reach up to a length of 500 feet using multiple specific frequencies making it very suitable for small and big houses or buildings alike.

You can build or set up a number of receivers and doorbell outside buttons using the same frequency allowing you to have control of the entire system from any point unlike having to connect many bell units and doorbell buttons connected to the same system by using wires. Wireless door bells are great alternatives to the wired doorbell system as it becomes easier to add as many doorbell buttons for household having many entrances. You simply need to add as many receivers as necessary. And what is good about them is that they cost at affordable prices.

Installation of wireless door bells is as easy as one two three. The doorbell button can be set up at your entrances by using strong adhesives or nails and the receiver unit can be plugged to any outlet inside the house wherever you prefer. Musical wireless door bells are also available and have become popular and could be more advantageous because you can set a particular sound or chime to every entrances making it easier for you to know where the visitor is coming in.

The question is, with many available wireless door bells in the market, what are the best choices? Below are some of the best sellers where you can choose from when you are considering buying one to match your needs and budget.

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  1. Wireless doorbell by SadoTech (for 500 ft.-range)

This unit has a stylish and modern design with more than 50 different chimes or ring tones which include chimes for particular events such as Christmas and birthday and can operate a range of more than 500 feet. It has four adjustable volume levels and you simply plug the receiver into an electrical outlet. The unit measures 9.2 in. x 6.5 in. x 2.6 in. and weighs .3 oz. The doorbell button or the transmitter uses a supplied A23 type battery and is installed by simply using the double–sided adhesive that is included or you can choose to screw near the entrance.

  1. Portable wireless doorbell by Honeywell (RCWL300A1006)

This unit operates using 3 LR6 AA alkaline batteries and can run from a 250 ft. range. It can work up to three push buttons, with motion detectors for improved security and uses three different chime tunes, adjustable volume levels with 3 visual alert icons. Its system automatically adjusts to prevent interference from other frequencies. The product measures8.5 in. x 6.2 in. x 1.6 in. and comes with a one year warranty.

  1. Portable Wireless doorbell by Honeywell (RCWL330A1000/N)

The doorbell button or transmitter is battery operated which works using 6 push buttons, with motion detector for improved security and has six different chimes, adjustable volume levels with six alert icons. Its system automatically adjusts to prevent from interference from other frequencies and can operate from a 450 ft. range. This unit measures 8.3 in. x 6.7 in. x 2 in. and is covered with a one year warranty.

  1. Wireless doorbell by Honeywell (RPWL300A1007/A)

This unit is battery-operated which is supplied and is to be mounted on a flat surface. It works using three wireless chimes and has a system that automatically adjusts to prevent interference with other frequencies. This unit measures 1 in. x 3 in. and also comes with a one year warranty.

  1. Cabinet wireless doorbell by 1Byone®

This unit is battery operated using 1-3V CR2032 battery for the transmitter while the receiver unit uses 2-1.5V AA alkaline batteries. It comes with 36 chimes to choose from and has an LED indicator with sound and flash indicator and an adjustable volume levels as well. It can run from a 60 m. range and also comes with a 1 year warranty.

By knowing what your specific needs are and how much your budget is, you can choose the most suitable for you from the many available wireless door bells available in reputable online stores.

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