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EasyAcc® DoorBell: The Advancement Of A Revolutionary Doorbell

EasyAcc® DoorBellEasyAcc® DoorBell: The Advancement Of A Revolutionary Doorbell – Revolutionize your home or workplace environment today. The EasyAcc® DoorBell pronounces innovation that offers both functionality and style. For most offices, factories or at home, the importance of doorbell is recognized drastically. The modern design of this doorbell from EasyAcc is equipped with innovative features to guarantee immense functionality and satisfactorily meet user’s satisfaction. The superb features of this doorbell offer a unique experience and tons of exciting perks. Enjoy the device and its uncompromised functionality.

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What are the Innovative Features of the Product?

This product is not only designed to quickly respond to visitors or guests calling outside your doorsteps but as well made excellent with its innovative features to ensure quality. Below are the features of this product which makes it unique among other doorbells of the same category:

  • 100 meters wireless range. Whether you are busy doing your stuff at the attic, kitchen, garage or garden, this device will absolutely prompt you of someone calling from outside. Through a wireless range of 100 meters, you can immediately attend to your visitors’ call.
  • Variety of ringtone options and adjustable volumes. Users are provided with the luxury of choosing what ringtone suit them from the 36 available tones as well as the alternative to higher or lower the volume. Also, quality sound is produced by the device with the built-in stereo speakers.
  • Impressively built. This device is designed as water resistant and with dustproof protection in addition to its being lightweight. This is also equipped with LED light which flashes and gives signal while ringing.
  • An added accessory. With the device’ outstanding style and design, this will not serve as warning piece but compliments the decoration of office, home or any commercial establishment.

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Technical Details of the Product

The EasyAcc® DoorBell is engineered with a dimension of 9.4 x 6.1 x 1.6 inches. This only weighs 4.8 ounces with the same shipping weight also. The package includes 1 piece door chime and I piece push button. The accurate product pricing is amounting to $15.99 giving you almost 47% discounted rate from the original cost of $35.

Why Should You Need to Install EasyAcc® DoorBell?

Installing the product in your home or workplace is a guarantee of experiencing the most benefits. Thinking twice or having doubt is unnecessary when given the following benefits:

  • Flexible. This product can serve both as a warning device to immediately attend to your visitors from outside as well as an exquisite piece of accessory for home or office atmosphere. This is ideally a compliment to your furnishings, finishes or other decors.
  • Convenience. You can smoothly attend to your chores anywhere in the house while being prompt to someone’s call from the entryways and definitely will not miss any visitors or guests. The LED light is also made convenient to persons with hearing impairment. The light that flashes will prompt them that someone is pushing the button. The operating range will ensure that all calls are responded.
  • Can Last Longer. The device is designed with protective features such as dustproof and water resistant to ensure its lasting functionality.
  • Easy Installation. The simplicity of this product offers ease and comfort during installation. With few minutes, you can enjoy the benefits of the device.

Is There Anything To Worry About the Product?

This is one of the most popular doorbells in the market due to its impressive features and innovative functionality. On one hand, since the operating range only extends approximately 100 meters, this is not an ideal choice especially in multi-floor buildings and huge residences. But, overall, this device is greatly ideal for establishments which can benefit from a 100 meters wireless operating range.

The Customer’s Verdict on EasyAcc® DoorBell

With the overall rating of 4.5 from 5 stars, the EasyAcc® DoorBell is guaranteed impressive. This is the most useful device at home or office for most customers. This is only a small piece of ringing device but renders outstanding performance. The 36 chime options, with the quality sound and volume adjustability, customers are absolutely fulfilled. In addition, the installation and design are all attributes to customer satisfaction.

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