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Getting the Best Doorbells

DoorbellsGetting the Best Doorbells – The doorbell has undergone tremendous transformation since the Scottish inventor William Murdoch introduced it in 1817. There is no doubt that if he is to arise today, he will be impressed by the improvements made on his simple doorbell by successive generations. History, aside, the doorbell is a vital component for any home. Not only does it alert you that someone is on the door, but also it can be modified to act as part of a home security system. The rise in the popularity of doorbells over the years has led to more options available for the end-user. The doorbells available today is categorized as follows: traditional, wireless, mechanical, and the driveway.

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The Traditional

This is the oldest Doorbell in use, and consists of a transformer and a doorbell unit. The main role of the transformer is to power down the AC voltage from 120-volts to convenient voltage ranging from ten to sixteen volts required to power-up the doorbell. This doorbell is perfect for small house.

The Mechanical

The most common doorbell. It popularity stems from the fact that it is easy to install and does not use any electricity to operate. The mechanical doorbell is configured in such a manner that when the lever outside the door is lifted; it automatically rings the bell inside.

The Driveway

A complicated doorbell system incorporated as part of a house security system. When a vehicle drives through the house entrance, the sensors are automatically sends the signal to the door chimes which activates the bell to ringing. This system is complicated and relies on among others motion detectors, and infrared signal transmission. This system although effective can be bothersome especially if you have other people driving by, or pets, which can trigger the system to action.

The wireless

This type of doorbell relies on radio waves. It is the latest frontier to be explored in the ever-evolving technological sphere. Wireless doorbells cool factor stems out from the fact that it does not use wires. It only consists of a transmitter and a switch. They are very easy to use, install, maintain, and provide more security enhancement compared to other types of doorbells. The only drawback of this type of doorbell is that they are battery operated, and are susceptible to hacking.

The four aforementioned doorbells perform the same function: they let you know that someone is the door. That said the first step in selecting the best doorbell is determining which type o Doorbell best suits your need. This way, you will easily settle on a given Doorbell. How then does one determine which doorbell is good for them? Here is what needs to be considered.

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Getting the Best Doorbells: The type

Doorbells can further be broken down into two classes: wireless and wired. The wired doorbells come with the following advantages: it is not battery powered, compared to other types of doorbells, it last longer, it is easy to customize and its sound quality is always very clear. On the other hand, wireless doorbells come with the following advantages: they are portable, they are easy to install, it is possible to have multiple ring units, and the receiver can be placed anyway in the house for convenience.

Sound option, quality, and Range

The sound is the one to alert you. How then do you want the “alert tone” to sound? Do you like the chiming sound, buzzing, ringing, or a customized sound? This is ultimately be dictated by your personality, tastes, and preference. Sound quality varies depending on the type. Wired bells produce more quality given the fact that sound is transmitted in a dedicated path. The sound range for a wired bell sound will be carried to whenever there is a receiver. In a wireless system, the range depends on the strength of the signal being transmitted. If you live in a big house, perhaps you need to have sound extenders to distribute the sound when the bell is rung. Extenders enable sound transmission in places such as garages, home theaters, basements, and Attics.

Getting the Best Doorbells: Material

Doorbells act as a decorative feature of a house and can increase a house appeal if when placed. It is this imperative to select a material that matches with your house. Metal finishes are more desirable due to their appeal, and durability factor. Other common materials include plastic, glass and ceramics.

Integration with security system

If you want your doorbell to be integrated seamlessly with the house security system, then you need to take the wireless route. This process is expensive and often requires the input of an expert to integrate the system as it involves sensors, multiple push buttons and in some cases cameras.

Other important factors to consider

Weatherproof bells- the doorbell is exposed to the extremes of weather such as snow, water, and sun and as such, it is susceptible to wear and tear over time. Weatherproof units should particularly be selected if they are to be placed in areas such as gates, patios, and other exposed places such as the swimming pool. Lighted buttons helps you visitors locate the doorbell during the night and motion sensors will alert you of movements outside the house. It is also imperative to purchase a doorbell that comes with a warranty especially if you opt for the latest wireless technology to shield against losses in case of any malfunction.

The budget

It all boils down to the budget, isn’t it? That said, quality is also not expensive. Whereas the quality and type of doorbell you have is limited to the money you have, the buying process should never be rushed just because you need to buy a doorbell, do your research well while considering factors such as operating range, size of your house, and security consideration before deciding to buy.

Bottom line

There is no doubt that doorbells make work easy for you and your visitors. That said, the person standing on the other side of the door might always not be the right person to welcome into your house. Improvements in technology has made it possible to overcome such challenges, it is a route worth exploring. Wireless doorbells represent the future and come with more additional features; it is worth the money spent.

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