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Long Range Wireless Doorbell: Ultimate Solution to Distant Calls

Long Range Wireless DoorbellLong Range Wireless Doorbell – The first thing that comes into your mind when deciding to install a wireless doorbell is its convenience. Give an end to the stressful wired doorbell system and switch to the most innovative wireless doorbell with extended range. Whether you are working outside your home – at the garage, garden or basement, there is nothing to worry about. You will never miss even a single call from visitors, vendors or deliveries outside your door.

The long range wireless doorbell allows coverage of an operating range between 300 to 450 feet while some would extend up to a maximum of 2500 feet. This has been a significant addition to the traditional wireless doorbell which range extends between 75 to 100 feet only. For normally sized homes, wireless doorbell is an advantage but a big challenge to industrial or commercial establishments as well as in larger homes. The extended range of this excellent device also boosts with the following advantages:

Gets You Out from the Burdensome Installation Process

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Basically the common range of extended wireless doorbell is between 300 to 450 feet with some maximizing to 2500 feet. Though the range may sound to require a complicated process, you are definitely wrong! No transformers are to be installed or running wires required. You simply have to place the chimes or bell alarms anywhere you like and its flexibility allows you to move it from one place to another every now and then.

Protect Your Home

Avoid issues such as drilling holes on walls for complex wirings. This process is not a good idea especially when you are renting an apartment or office space. The innovative feature of extended wireless doorbell provides an easy and quick installation which will save the walls of your home from being deteriorated. No wiring is necessary at all! And because this device does not require any wiring, you can guarantee that your home is free from possibilities of fire hazards.

Exceptional Piece of Decoration

Nowadays, long range wireless doorbell comes in a variety of styles and designs that will truly compliment to the look of your home. Either your home is designed with contemporary or traditional style; the extreme range of wireless doorbells with extended range can satisfy your taste. The chimes or bell alarms are portable making it ideal to be moved anywhere which is a good addition to your home décor.

The Price is Exceedingly Reasonable

Because of the popularity of extended wireless doorbell, the market is flooded with huge options as to style, design and features. Because of the unbending rivalry between manufacturers, quality and cost of this device has become extremely competitive. The extended range does not require additional price tag for the device. There is only a thin or marginal markup on its cost which simply is far reasonable when compared to its wired counterpart.

Be sure to take a look at our comparison chart before you make any decision.

No Delays- You’ll Never Miss a Call

As earlier mentioned, the extended range of this device is designed to cover a maximum of 2500 feet. Imagine working at the attic or garage when one important call is waiting right at your doorsteps. You simply missed a significant call which either an opportunity or a good news. Resolve such complicated issues with the long range wireless doorbell. This enables you to simultaneously attend to your concerns at the basement, garage and attic or at any distant portions of your home while being alarmed immediately of an important call from outside.

Brings Out the Creativity within You

Like the common wireless doorbell, this device with extended range allows you to choose chimes or sounds of your preference. You can even assign sounds from your own recording or your favorite music from MP3. Apart from choosing the best style and design of the device, you are also provided with the comforts to select your own sound option that surely will bring out the creativity.

Reviews on the Popular Long Range Wireless Doorbell

To equip you more dieas on how to select the top rated and most reliable long range wireless doorbells in the market, below are amongst the best choices:

  1. Dakota Alert DC-1000 Wireless Doorbell

This device is one of the best in the market today. It has a single DC 1000 base and is run by 3 “C” cell batteries. You can choose from 16 different exciting tunes to alarm you of visitors calling. Also, four push buttons are available to provide this device with the most reliable alert system. The most exciting is that it can range a maximum of 1000 feet coverage making all calls completely alert you anywhere you may be.

  1. SadoTech Model G Wireless Doorbell

This device is also a great innovation in wireless doorbell designs. Its range can be extended up to 500 feet. It is directly plug into an electrical outlet hence no batteries is needed. The light weight design is also a good feature of this device which allows you to move the device with ease on the desk or any location it favors you so long there is a electrical outlet.

  1. Jumbl HIP-DA01 Portable Wireless Battery-Operated Door Chime

This product is amongst the most attractive inventions in the market. It has a battery operated receiver and wireless push button. It’s kit comes with a weatherproof strong adhesive backing for easy installation making this product very popular.

Conclusion on Long Range Wireless Doorbell

Homeowners of today’s generation are getting convinced of the importance of wireless doorbells. For normal homes, a device with common range of 150 feet would do but this has been a challenge to larger homes and even to commercial establishments. From this scenario comes the picturesque of long range wireless doorbell. Its importance is appreciated much with its capacity to reach distant nooks and crannies of your home. You don’t want to miss a single push button even when you are occupied with things at the kitchen, basement, garage or attic. Much better than the traditional wired doorbell, this is very safe, easy and quick to install and use. Its functionality is beyond your expectations. Try the device and you truly will get fascinated of its benefits. Contact your nearest hardware or trusted online shop and learn more about the product with exciting perks in store for you.

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