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Shop Conveniently For A Doorbell For Hearing Impaired Online

Doorbell For Hearing ImpairedShop For A Doorbell For Hearing Impaired Online – Some people suffer from disabilities which include the hearing impairment. While others have them when they were born, others developed the condition through several other factors such as accidents, old age, and complication from an illness. However, when people have this condition, it does not mean life has to stop. It is not the end of the world. It is just a matter of adjusting, finding ways to cope with the ways of the world.

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For hearing impaired people, there are many ways to make their lives easier. For instance, the use of hearing aids. Another example of simple things that could make them feel as normal as the others, use of a doorbell for hearing impaired. This type of doorbell can still be useful for those without hearing impairment but this could be more helpful to those who are hearing impaired.

What are the different models of doorbell for hearing impaired?

While these following door bells are not exclusively made for them, they are ADA compliant and could be helpful for people with hearing impairment.

  1. NuTone Door Chime with Strobe Light

This is a suitable doorbell for hearing impaired individuals because when someone pushed the button/transmitter at the entrance, while the doorbell rings the strobe light flashes as well. This item also has 64 code combinations and you can select which one you prefer so that the doorbell with flashing strobe does not interfere with other frequencies. Its range of coverage can reach up to 100 feet and the entire package consists of a transmitter, a receiver unit, the battery for the transmitter and a strobe flash. This unit is UL and ULC Listed and offers a one year warranty.

  1. Ossca’s 2 Matching Code Wireless Doorbell Flasher Signal Notification – For Deaf / HOH

This wireless doorbell just uses batteries to operate. It is easy to install. You just use the double sided adhesive to install the transmitter which uses a supplied 1 AAA battery. Its frequency range can reach up to 150 ft. Its volume can be adjusted and there is an electronic selection of songs as well as a flashing and sound selections where you can choose from. The flashing strobe and the sound box are operated using a supplied 3 AAA battery. The unit contains two remotes along with two flashing strobes/sound boxes. This is a suitable doorbell for hearing impaired.

  1. Heath Zenith SL-6144-A

This unit is a wireless door chime that comes with a flashing light which makes this a doorbell for hearing impaired as well as this can also be useful when locating a person in noisy environments. This plug in unit can be set to use both the flashing and the chime or just using one of them when the transmitter button is pressed. This has a transmission range of 100 feet and has adjustable levels for volume.

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  1. RCWL105A1003/N by Honeywell

This plug in wireless door chime that comes with a push button doorbell can be purchased at a very affordable price. Its receiver works when plugged in an electrical outlet as the push button doorbell is pressed. This unit has 3 chime settings and comes with a flashing light along with sound alert indicators. It also comes with a 16 code selections to prevent from interfering with other users. The transmitter uses battery which is also included in the package, can reach frequency range of 100 feet and comes with a one year warranty.

  1. RCWL330A1000/N by Honeywell

This unit is a wireless door chime which comes with a push button transmitter. This device contains 6 push buttons and motion detectors for enhanced security. This unit offers six different chime sounds, adjustable volume levels along with six visual alert notifications. The code system automatically adjusts itself to prevent or eliminate interference. It can cover up to 450 feet range.

  1. Sonic Alert Wireless Doorbell Signaler

Though this unit can work well with an existing doorbell system, it also boasts of its ability to work independently without needing any existing doorbell system as well. Likewise, it can work with intercom systems. This unit has a sensor, a receiving unit and a lamp plug which is inserted into a regular telephone jack and can be operated without need to connect with wires. While it has an audible chime, it also has a built in lamp that signals if there is someone at the door. What is great about this unit is that it has several flash patterns to easily determine from which door the visitor is pushing a doorbell button as it can provide coverage for three entrances to a house. This is a suitable doorbell for a hearing impaired. This product is UL listed and offers a manufacturing warranty of five years.

While these are just some of the available doorbells for hearing impaired, there are more you could find when you search on the internet. With many options available, you will surely find a doorbell for hearing impaired that suits your needs, budget and preference.

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