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Top Performing Wireless Doorbells: Your Alarm System Solution

Wireless DoorbellsWireless doorbells have gained popularity and become the top choice among homeowners because of its improved features. With its easy and hassle free installation system, no professional help is required. This is a great relieve to immediately enjoy the benefits of this device. Needless to say, you can shift the location of this device from one place to another as well as changing its tone anytime you desire to do so.

This article will help you to choose the best wireless doorbells that suits your preference. Each device has its own special feature and all comes in exciting product range perfect for your needs.

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Top Performing Wireless Doorbells: Safety Technology 32000 Wireless Doorbell Extender L5

This wireless doorbell chime can be wired in your existing doorbell system and functions under a 150 feet operating range. Attending to your visitors’ call is made convenient even when you are at the backdoor or distant corners of the house. It comes with white color making it easy to complement any wall decoration or style. The device can be programmed with different tunes making it easy for you to distinguish which call comes from the front or back door. It is also through this feature that you can add extra transmitters and assign different tunes for every corner. Also the six different tunes which are smooth to the ears allow you to immediately attend to that someone who makes a ring from outside. It has also 32 different codes to safeguard your device against false alarm from outside interference. This wireless doorbell with great features can only be availed in super affordable cost of $55.

Friedland Libra Wireless Doorbell Chime Kit (D344)

With a cheaper cost of almost $15, you can now avail a convenient doorbell chime that functions within 100 meters operating range. This doorbell entry alarm comes in a complete kit which includes a charcoal colored device, adjustable volume control and LED operation light. This portable wireless chime is also paired with door bell push in a complete 2 year warranty. Just choose the preferred location for this device and you can instantly use the product without complicated installation process. You mount the device through putting tape or screw. Users are also provided with different sound options suitable for back and front doors. This doorbell chime is very ideal to be used throughout the house and even outside while working on a basement or garden. Likewise, this device is highly compatible with all Libra Systems.

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Westinghouse WHDBI 5C Whole House Wireless Doorbell and Intercom

A Wireless communications links is offered by this device covering almost five stations alongside one or two wireless intercom units. This wireless communication link is used by the device between console stations and doorbell intercom unit. It has an antenna which can be mounted on walls or table. There is lower chance of being jammed or interfered by other adjacent system because this device utilizes either two of the frequencies that are selected from its intercom. Digital signals are programmed in the intercoms which control the stations and uses house code preventing other intercoms nearby to access your system. User can call all stations with the unique all call button feature. With cost ranging to $110, you are guaranteed of more functionality and stylish wireless doorbell system.

Dakota Alert DC-1000 Wireless Door Chime Various

What makes this device more fascinating is when a single push from the button is made, the signal is being sent of up to 1000 feet back to the base. Throughout the house and even when attending chores in the backdoors, attic or garage, you will never miss a call from visitors outside. A maximum of four push buttons can e utilized in a single base. The base further can be set to play any of the 16 tunes so that you can easily distinguish which one has been activated. Also included in its line of exciting features is the power saving LED flashers. A single CR-2450 battery powers up the push button while its base operates on a three “C” cells batteries. This wireless doorbell also is ideal especially to persons with hearing impairment because this uses four indicator lights on the base to easily identify which zone has been activated. #48 is not a huge price for the best features you get to avail from this device.

Nutone Strobe Door Chime

The wooden design of old English folks coupled with the innovative technology of today is better pictured I this device. The simplicity of wood and brass are incorporated along with sound reproduction of CD quality Westminster with volume control. Enjoy listening to your favorite music when someone makes a call from a push button on your doorbell. Yu can use all of them together which is one of the best features of this device. This chime can be assembled anywhere in the house. You can choose from a portable operated model or a plug-in strobe chime anywhere you would like this device to be placed. This way, you will never miss any call while keeping yourself busy from all the chores at hand. The unobstructed operating distance of 150 feet can be covered by the device with adjustable codes to block interference from neighboring chimes. The sounds with exceptional clarity, easy installation process and reliable operating system along with other great features are big reasons why you need to get this product for only $49.

Why Settle for Wireless Doorbells?

Today’s technology has brought many improvements to ease our lives. One of the most known devices which are ideal as alarms in home or business alike is the wireless doorbell. Gone are the days when your visitor has to shout out loud only to call your attention or miss a call from valued clients. Today, you can immediately attend to anyone who makes a call outside while keeping yourself unobstructed from your chores. There is a wide range of wireless doorbells in the market these days with added features that anyone would like to have. The functionality and style is beyond expected with great advantages to offer you. End the hassles of missing calls and choose the best entry door chimes to experience outstanding perks!

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