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Wireless Doorbell Kit: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Wireless Doorbell KitWireless Doorbell Kit – Don’t get yourself stuck with fixed doorbells which are not giving enough sound to alert you. Get a kit to provide you with wide range of sound options without having trouble with complex installation process. A wireless doorbell is more than just a home accessory; it works hassle-free with other home security system replacing the traditional wired doorbells.

You’ve heard it right. With the recent innovative technology, anyone with few tools at hand can install door chimes in no time. The radio waves transmit sound through the bell hence it’s no longer necessary to set up physical wiring.

There are lots of wireless doorbell kits available in local hardware stores coming in different sizes, designs and tunes. If you’re looking for convenient shopping, you may purchase online or check out in the hardware section in department stores. You can have the typical “ding dong” doorbell or get the one with more musical tunes. The prices of these doorbells vary depending on its specifications and features.

Common Q&A about Wireless Doorbell Kit

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1. How much does the kit cost?

Although there are factors that affect the selling price of wireless doorbells, most are sold around $10 to $75.

Tip: Shop around from different stores first and compare prices. Some brands and models with same specifications are sold in different prices.

2. What is the average range of a typical doorbell?

Commonly, wireless doorbells cover 45 meters or around 150 feet.

Tip: You may like to buy sound extenders depending on the size of your home.

3. How does a wireless doorbell work?

A wireless doorbell is powered by rechargeable batteries while some use 3V and 6V batteries. When someone pushes the doorbell, a radio signal frequency within the transmitter sends signal to a receiver to produce sound.

Tip: Be sure to ask the sales representative about the availability of these batteries in case you need to replace it in the future.

4. Can you customize the sound of your doorbells?

Yes. There are wireless doorbell kits with feature that allows sounds and even songs to be uploaded using your PCs, mobiles or any digital music box.

Tip: Doorbells with more features are usually expensive.

5. Do manufacturers offer warranty?

Yes. Warranty policies may vary depending on the manufacturer, brand and the retailers selling the product. Most are sold with 1 year warranty while some are bit longer.

Tip: Talk with your provider with the details about the warranty limitations too.

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What to look for in wireless doorbell kit?

Purchasing the right wireless doorbell could be very easy. With this guide, you’ll know what you need to look for in a wireless doorbell.

Doorbell Operating Range

Foremost, you’ll have to note the approximate size of your space to pick the correct operating range. Choose from small, medium and high ranged doorbells. The maximum range between the doorbell transmitter and receiver is often indicated in the product label. The good thing about a wireless doorbell kit is that it allows you to install extenders to expand the range of sound not to mention that it’s also portable.

Material and Designs

Doorbells can serve as home decors. Most doorbell buttons are made of plastic but the material surrounding it is made of refined metal, stone or ceramic glass. Choose the material that complements with interior and exterior design.

Visual Alert and Lighted Systems

Don’t forget to pick a doorbell with backlight feature to accommodate the needs of your guests even at night as it illuminates in the dark. You could be playing very loud music or ears covered with headphones. These lighted systems have visual alert blinking lights every time someone pushes the button.

The Installation Procedure

Installation of doorbells should be generally easy. Typically, wireless doorbells have stick to wall double sided tape and screws. Although, you can also install it anywhere you want.

Volume and Sound Controls

Unlike the conventional doorbells, there are wireless doorbells with volume control panel so you can adjust the sound volume any time.

Sound Options

As mentioned, there are wireless doorbells which will allow you to play download-able music. If you aren’t so particular with such, most doorbells have pre-set default sound.

Frequency Blocking Feature

You don’t like your doorbells to ring every time your neighbor’s visitor come over only to realize that she was actually pushing the doorbells from the other gate. Or every time you open your garage doors. When this happens, it means that someone is using the same device or other equipment with same channel frequency. Be sure that your doorbell has frequency blocking feature to avoid such interference. This can happen because you’re using a wireless device. All you need to do is change the frequency channel.

With this guide, you’ll have a bird’s eye view on what specific specs you need to get the best of your hard-earned cash. Below are few FAQs to guide you with your first wireless doorbell.

  • What does the battery as for test purposes statement mean?

Although batteries are included in the package, it’s not a guarantee to the battery life. The sound performance may be affected by battery. So, if you experience some minor issues pertaining to this, check the batteries.

  • Do I have another energy source option in case the batteries worn out?

Wireless doorbells are either operated with batteries or plug-ins so you can attach it into the wall socket. Use D batteries for longer battery life.

  • How can I adjust the sound or make it louder?

Check the instructions found in the user’s manual. Some wireless doorbell kits allow second sound besides the default.


Wireless doorbell kit has many advantages. In order to make the best decision, it’s best to ask assistance from experts. Not that you need to hire them but you can always use your charm to get relevant information from sales officers. They’ll be happy to attend to your queries and concerns so you won’t end up with frustration.

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